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Leadership Training

A New Approach for NEW Results

JMA’s leadership training program rebuilds brains.

We create systemic organizational change by empowering leaders and employees to transform their own neurophysiology and radically improve individual and organizational performance.

Accountability, Engagement, Execution

JMA’s leadership development training successfully addresses persistent organizational challenges through our two intensive, immersive workshops: Accountability Mirror™ and MindMastery™.

Together, these workshops enable leaders and teams to:

  • Communicate and execute with precision, clarity and accountability
  • Achieve results faster
  • Accelerate and sustain their own performance improvement
  • Create an energized, constructive organizational culture

A New Breed of Executive Leadership Training

Our methods have been equally embraced by C-level executives, teams and individuals. It’s not uncommon for even the most seasoned leader to report that our method is life-changing or game-changing. Insights are rapid and clear. Change is immediate and sustained. Energy increases, and results are achieved well beyond what is imagined.




Behavior and results are stalled or driven by neurophysiology


Action is stalled or created through language

Change and Results

People can readily learn to change language and neurophysiology, with dramatic results

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Traditional leadership training courses are often ineffectual, informational “band-aids.” There’s little to no impact on the underlying root causes of behavior, nor is there any sustainable, measurable change in the months that follow. That’s just not good enough!

In contrast, every aspect of our leadership development training has been crafted to create immediate application and results in the real world of work and life:

  • Immediate awareness of neurophysiology — one’s unconscious patterns in language, thoughts, moods and emotions which, as research shows, drive 90 percent of the results an individual achieves
  • Immediate use of targeted, accessible strategies —  “how,” not “what”
  • Post-training practice and support for real-world application through both technology and laser-focused individual coaching
  • Metrics-based frameworks for measured improvement
  • “The Accountability Mirror and MindMastery workshops have completely changed my thinking about life and work. I left with practical ways I could change my life right away. I've considered [the] training to be the equivalent of a personal trainer, but for my attitude and career. Yes, I likely could have read a self-help book and improved my life and career, but not nearly as specifically, effectively or quickly.” – Jenelle Francois, Sales Representative, Designtex
  • “We found the Accountability Mirror to be of great value to our organization, providing common language, shared experience, and heightened awareness and sensitivity in our institutional work. Our staff has benefited from having the productive dialogue and the work in the seminar has encouraged greater, more thoughtful communication. … Jody’s seminar increases our internal productivity and customer service as well.” – Deborah Rutter, President, Chicago Symphony Orchestra (currently President of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts)
  • “Jody's stellar insight and powerful strategies to manage your mind and mood states transformed my life within one week of partaking in her MindMastery workshop. My future finally seems attainable. … I highly recommend [it] to anyone striving to reach their next level of self.” – Andy Witt, Visual Interface Designer, Emmi 
  • “As a direct result of attending this workshop, I have a better relationship with my boss and other colleagues. … I have found myself improving each day because I apply the skills I learned, rather than just tucking them away like I have from other seminars.” – Marie Shaver, Financial Services


Our corporate leadership training is held at company worksites and at the JMA Chicago north side office. Our facilitators are highly experienced coaches whose corporate and entrepreneurial acumen immediately establishes credibility and relevance.

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I attended both … Accountability Mirror and MindMastery. … There is an ACTION PLAN and a FRAMEWORK you are able to apply, rather than just learning concepts. … This is where Jody and her team are head and shoulders above others. … The insight I have gained [from JMA] in my own professional pitfalls (as a trader, and a person as a whole) has changed my life entirely.”

-- Daniel H., Proprietary Trader
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