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Tom's Story

Can’t seem to make money anymore


Tom came in with no specific complaint other than, “Since I started to trade on my own, I can’t seem to make money. I just can’t turn the corner.” For one reason or another, the scenario of suddenly or consistently not being able to make money represents a fairly large percentage of our trading clients. Typically, they are emotionally spent, frustrated with their inability to make enough money, and terrified to even consider what lies in front of them if they can’t make this work.

Prior to going on his own, Tom had traded for years with a proprietary trading company. He made a very good living and then decided to leave to trade his own money in order to maximize his profits. Unfortunately, once he left his “prop shop,” there was no profit to take. Tom was steadily losing money. There seemed to be only downside. He was getting nervous.


The shift from trading someone else’s money to trading your own can be very challenging. Emotions and psychology play a huge role. The safety net is gone, you are isolated, and fear can emerge where seemingly little to none had existed before.

After a thorough assessment, we identified Tom’s emotional state, his thinking, and his recent reactive and erratic trading as areas of focus. He was “trading scared” and scared to trade. That had to stop quickly. 

Through the use of trial and error, we introduced exercises, taught new cognitive strategies, offered tools to utilize while trading, and implemented interventions that were neuroscience-based. Within a few months, we were able to measurably shift his state. He steadied and began to gain his confidence back. 

Suddenly, of his own accord, he announced that he was going to stop trading and dedicate himself to our work. Over the next couple of months, we focused on strengthening his personal and professional trading psychology. After he felt that he had integrated what he had learned, he reemerged in the marketplace with the focus and fearlessness he once had. 


Tom worked the program and discovered that he was now thinking differently and trading differently. He made changes to get his work and life back on track and stronger than ever. Happily immersed in the profession of trading, he was once again making a robust living and was now putting more in his pocket, as he originally intended. 


Please note: The names of clients, their employers and certain identifying details have been changed to respect their privacy and maintain confidentiality.


Take care of your losses and the profits will take care of themselves."

-- Amos B. Hostetter
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