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Trader Coaching Process

A JMA trading coach can help you enhance your mental game and improve your trading methodology. Depending upon your specific trading needs, you can choose to address one or both of these areas.

Our trader coaching process consists of three phases: 

Phase One: Initial Trader Assessment

Our comprehensive initial assessment allows us to gain a quick and deep understanding of:

  • Who you are
  • How and what you trade
  • What challenges you have experienced in life and in trading
  • What beliefs, values and perspectives you hold, and how they impact your trading
  • Where your potential blind spots are
  • How flexible or rigid your “trader lens” is

This initial assessment provides the foundation of our work together and includes: 

  • Four detailed interview sessions, in person or over the phone, to gather crucial information
  • An in-depth trader self-assessment survey with two follow-up sessions
  • A web-based trader perceptual lens assessment with two follow-up sessions
  • Our full-day MindMastery workshop to help you identify and eliminate self-sabotaging habits that impact your performance as a trader

During phase one, you and your trading coach will meet for a total of eight sessions and one full-day workshop over the course of one month.

“The first step in a trader’s education is simply learning to control emotions and be as objective as possible.”
– Linda Bradford Raschke, Commodities & Futures Trader, President of LBR Group

Phase Two: Trader Tool Box  

In phase two, your trading coach works with you to focus on one or both of our two tracks: 1) your mental game and 2) your gaps in trading performance. These tracks are usually pursued simultaneously.

We begin this phase by co-designing a personalized trader scorecard with focused goals and metrics based on the findings of phase one. You and your trading coach will also begin your one-on-one coaching sessions, customized specifically to meet your needs and goals. 

Our objective is to help you become a more robust trader, a more profitable trader and a more self-aware trader. Strategies, methodologies and tools used during this phase may include educational workshops, experiential and written homework, awareness-based training and cognitive interventions.

Vital to your success is your commitment to develop and refine your self-awareness and insight, implement learned strategies, complete homework assignments, consistently come to appointments, and potentially lose money (yes, lose money) before increasing your income during the initial learning curve.

In order to reinforce learning and build repetition, weekly meetings are required during phase two.

Phase Three: Trader Takeoff

The final phase centers on the integration, repetition and successful practice of the new perspectives, strategies and tools deemed most useful during phase two. During this phase, traders often experience greater confidence, heightened observational capacity, fluid perspective shifts, consistent trading performance and increased profitability.

During phase three, you determine the frequency of your sessions; you and your trading coach can meet weekly, biweekly or monthly.

All sessions are conducted over the phone or at one of our two Chicago office locations: 405 N. Wabash or 4860 N. Paulina. If four or more traders are participating together, coaching may occur on-site. 

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Jody saved me money, unnecessary pain, frustration, and sleepless nights. … Jody was the stimulus that ignited within me a focused direction, intentionality and a deep sense of peace that I had never experienced before in my life or my work. … The main [outcome] of our work was successfully overcoming my core trading issue: scattered, emotion-based, inconsistent trading.” 

-- Alex J., 8-year Index Trader
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