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Trader coaching is a powerful way to gain awareness of yourself and your trading. Whether you’re interested in becoming a trader, improving your trading, transitioning to electronic trading, or simply better managing your investments, trader coaching can help you exponentially increase your returns.

If you’re currently a trader, do you:

  • Consistently lose money and feel like you’ve lost your mojo?
  • Find yourself sleepless, ruminating or worrying about your future?
  • Hesitate to pull the trigger on a setup and miss the resulting move?
  • Impulsively chase trades, causing you to buy high and sell low?
  • Cut your winners short and let your losing trades run?

If so, our program will help you identify, understand and overcome these types of trading challenges. We coach you from the inside out to become a better trader.


We’ve also helped many traders discover and successfully transition to new careers that leverage their transferable skills. After all, our founder and head coach Jody Michael has made that same transition herself — from one of the first female traders on the Chicago trading floors to entrepreneur and CEO of Jody Michael Associates.

Our comprehensive, individualized career discovery program will help you evaluate a wide range of career factors — your talents, aptitudes, interests, values and more — to discover the career that’s the right fit for you.

Learn more about our career discovery process.

PlayJody Michael, featured in "Floored," a documentary about floor trading


Jody Michael, our veteran trader coach, has spent decades in the industry. Her experience includes:

  • Coaching traders for more than 20 years (Board Certified and Master Certified Coach)
  • Trading markets electronically and on the floor
  • Trading proprietary capital, as well as our own capital
  • Building high-frequency, algorithmic trading systems and risk management systems
  • Working for prestigious investment banks and proprietary trading firms
  • Developing our own proprietary trading methodology

We have the credentials, competence and experience in all aspects of trading and trader coaching to help you reach your full potential.


Mike S., Risk Manager, Trader Coaching


Andy C., Electronic Trader, Trader Coaching


Peggy M., Trading Manager, Career Transition Coaching


Alexander N., Investment Banker, Career Discovery Coaching


Chris G., Electronic Futures Trader, Trader Coaching


"You may know a lot about the markets. You may even know the major players, when to buy, when to sell, and which stocks have the potential to move.

"But how well do you know yourself? Even the most astute, highly motivated, well-grounded traders can be crippled by counterproductive thinking that leads to poor decisions and trading errors.” 

– Mark Douglas, excerpt from “Trading in the Zone”


Our approach is two-pronged.

First, we focus on the mental game of trading to enhance your performance, perspective and profitability. We combine trader psychology, cutting-edge research in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral strategies, coaching and other effective approaches to help you:

  • Trade more consistently and profitably
  • Gain greater awareness of your patterns, moods and blind spots
  • Challenge your thinking, beliefs, perceptions and paradigms
  • Understand and overcome your current trading challenges

During this phase, you’ll participate in our two powerful workshops, MindMastery™ and Accountability Mirror™. They will enable you to quickly understand your psychological road blocks and self-sabotaging tendencies, and teach you pragmatic strategies for eliminating them.

Second, we work to improve your trading methodology. Whether you’re trading futures, options or spreads, we coach you to become more conscious and programmatic in applying best trading practices.

Learn more about our trader coaching process.

  • “Jody saved me money, unnecessary pain, frustration, and sleepless nights. … Jody was the stimulus that ignited within me a focused direction, intentionality and a deep sense of peace that I had never experienced before in my life or my work. … The main [outcome] of our work was successfully overcoming my core trading issue: scattered, emotion-based, inconsistent trading." – Alex J., 8-year Index Trader
  • “Our work together led me to personal decisions I once lacked the courage to make on my own. I am much happier as a result and look forward to a fulfilling career helping others. Jody allowed me to view myself in a different light." – Guy Caprio, Psychotherapist, Loyola University (Former Floor/Upstairs Trader)
  • “As an experienced commodities trader, I sought help to adapt to the new HFT/Algo market reality. Taking both the MindMastery and Accountability Mirror workshop has made me realize my misconceptions about the market as well as interpersonal relations. … Gaining this knowledge and being trained to use and apply it will make me more profitable in my trading and in my life outside trading.” – Giedrius Sulnius, Trader, Daytona Trading, LLC

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I wanted to take my trading to the next level. [Jody’s] coaching and insights have allowed me to achieve that and more. … In trading, as in professional sports, the difference between being good and being great is that the #1 player usually does a few things a little better than everyone else. Finding those little tweaks was something I had a hard time doing myself, but Jody helped me to make the changes that made all the difference in the world. I would recommend her to anyone who is stuck or having a hard time getting to the next level in whatever they want to do." 

-- Brian V., Independent Futures Trader
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