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Career Discovery

Nearly 60% of working Americans say they would change career paths if they could do it all over again. Are you one of them?

Given that you will spend approximately 50 years of your life working, devoting that time to something you love will have an immeasurable impact on your quality of life. And that’s exactly why we’re here: to help you find the right career fit.

Our individualized, proprietary career discovery process is designed to help you gain clarity and a better understanding of yourself. This knowledge has empowered thousands of our clients – just like you – to choose and pursue the career that uses their talents and abilities and brings them the most happiness and fulfillment. 

Jeff Y., Screenwriter, Career Discovery Coaching

No school or MBA program can rival the training I received through my coaching engagement with Jody Michael. I sought coaching when I realized that the frustration I was feeling about my career was affecting my moods, my capacity to move forward and even my health. I found myself stuck ... in a downward spiral of negativity, doubt and anxiety.

Jody provided me with the methodology for changing the direction of that spiral. ... Once the MindMastery workshop taught me how to control my self-sabotaging thoughts, perspectives, beliefs and moods, I gained control of my career — and my life.”  

– Shane McShane, Insurance

Interview Training

Our professional career coaching services can also significantly improve your interviewing skills to dramatically increase your chances of landing your ideal job. Even if you are a skilled interviewer, we’re confident that just one interview training session with us will make a difference. 

Our interview training approach includes:

  • One-on-one mock interviews
  • Comprehensive verbal and non-verbal analysis of your performance
  • Guidance around how to respond more effectively to questions
  • Support around how to rebrand yourself when transitioning to a new career
  • Supplementary material to help you further improve your interview performance

We can also help you develop strategies and skills around informational interviewing, the process of conducting highly focused conversations with professionals currently working in your field of interest to gather information about a job, company, field or industry. This is one of the most powerful but underutilized career discovery tools.

“I was asked to interview for a marketing position. … In my next meeting with Jody, she suggested we do a ‘mock interview’ since I had very little interviewing experience. ... The real interview was four days after my mock interview with Jody, and the difference between the two was monumental! Not only did I act and feel confident in my responses (a victory in itself!), I was offered the job on the spot.” 
– Paige Reynolds, Professional Water Ski Champion, Ripon College Admissions Counselor

Resume Rewrites

In today’s marketplace, standing out to potential employers is becoming increasingly difficult. Creating a strong first impression with a concise, well-written resume is paramount.

Our Harvard-educated resume writer has been exclusively writing resumes for over 25 years. He also offers clients of Jody Michael Associates access to placement on the largest online database service that matches headhunters with prospective applicants.

Career Growth Coaching

In addition to career discovery, our professional career coaching services can help you:

  • Advance in your current career
  • Transition to a new career
  • Break out of the corporate world through our Corporate Escape Plan™ Career Growth Coaching
  • Create a career road map to guide you in achieving your long-term goals
  • Achieve better work-life balance
  • Use emotional intelligence to navigate difficult bosses and political land mines

For those in leadership positions, we also provide executive coaching and entrepreneurial coaching.

Michelle C., Managing Director of Financial Services, Professional Career Coaching

Contact us to learn more about how our professional career coaching services can help you find and thrive in a career you love.

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I am so impressed with the JMA career discovery program. I would have never imagined such a comprehensive, thoughtful, thought-provoking and holistic set of exercises. I can now articulate things about myself that were previously vague or unaddressed. It has been a really valuable journey of self-discovery to the benefit of career discovery. And, Nancy has been the most astute, supportive coach I could ask for." 

-- Alexandra Sterlin Harween, Mid-career Professional
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