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Nancy Scheel, ACC

Executive and career COACH

I believe that everything we encounter in life, including our workplace, offers us an opportunity to develop and grow as individuals.  

When we gain greater self-awareness, understanding and skill, we become able to respond to persistent challenges and achieve goals in new and different ways. And when our career choice is a strong fit with our abilities, interests, personal style and values, we are much more likely to feel greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

As an executive coach, my mission is to enable leaders and other professionals to contribute the most with their unique strengths. When they grow with new levels of effectiveness and confidence, everyone benefits: their teams, colleagues and organizations. 

As a career coach, my mission is to guide students and career professionals in identifying their best-fit career(s). With the right fit, they can move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.


  • 20+ years of corporate experience
  • Expertise in training and communications
  • Equal effectiveness in coaching thinkers, feelers and action-oriented clients
  • A way of working with the whole person, including thoughts and emotions, behavior and physiology, and social and physical environment
  • A direct and gentle style of supporting clients
  • Keen perception and intelligence

Executive coaching

Pressure. Deadlines. Metrics. Performance. Even for bright, capable professionals, the typical corporate environment can challenge our sense of effectiveness and well-being.

As an executive coach, Nancy helps professionals develop a more conscious, intentional and personally effective approach in the workplace.

She works with clients to help them discover how reacting out of habit, or being on “autopilot,” does not produce the personal or business results they want. Instead, they learn to reflect on what’s happening around them, and consciously choose the most appropriate and effective behaviors or actions. They use intention and perspective to align their thoughts, actions and results, and they experiment with different ways of managing themselves and interacting with others. 

This approach increases their power to get things done in the organization as they become better leaders, feel more personal satisfaction and confidence, and use their unique talents and energy to contribute more positively.

Working with Nancy, executive coaching may include: 

  • Communication skills
  • Productive work relationships
  • Self-management (emotions, energy, reactivity)
  • Leadership presence
  • Empowering and getting results through others
  • Influence and visibility
  • Empathy and intuition in the workplace

Based on each individual client’s needs and goals, Nancy blends approaches that are practical, logical, physical and physiological (somatic), intuitive and/or spiritual. Her style is always supportive, challenging and compassionate, helping clients work at just the right level to create the most sustainable change. 


People can feel great anxiety or pressure when they don’t have a clear career direction or find themselves in the wrong career. Finding the right fit can bring a sense of empowerment, renewal and energy. It turns all the right switches “on” – interest, capability, personal alignment and the excitement of possibility. We become more alive, more ourselves.

Nancy’s career coaching combines the many benefits of the proprietary Jody Michael Associates career discovery process with Nancy’s personal style and strengths as a coach. She creates a safe, supportive environment and blends both challenge and compassion to help clients through the rigorous, rewarding process.

Professional Experience

The strength of Nancy’s 20+ years of corporate experience lies in the breadth of her exposure to different functions and her ability to rapidly grasp presented issues – a necessity for executives who want to be quickly understood. 

In each of her roles, she has collaborated with all levels and functions of the organization, providing her with a deep understanding of the personalities and interconnectedness of both the people and work areas that an executive must oversee. Even in diverse roles, she has frequently been singled out by leaders as a trusted advisor, having the capability to foresee and articulate the potential impact of different decisions or actions.

Nancy’s corporate expertise includes communications (executive, internal and marketing communications), instructional design, and training and technology. She has worked in diverse industries, including healthcare, energy, telecommunications, technology, education and the nonprofit sector.

Nancy has been coaching senior leaders, individual contributors and other coaches since 2005. She also maintains her work as a corporate communications consultant and writer. 


Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and a master’s degree in instructional design from Syracuse University. As a coach, she earned certifications from the rigorous New Ventures West program, and from the International Coach Federation. She has also served as New Ventures West faculty, supporting students on their own quests to become qualified coaching professionals.

Nancy’s life experiences also give her unique insights into achieving work-life balance and optimizing one’s energy. Responding to a major health challenge in 2011, she made significant personal lifestyle changes with discipline and focus. She continues to carry out daily practices that support health and well-being, including diet, meditation and Qigong. 

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[Jody Michael Associates] leads you to achieve what you believed was impossible. This process can be difficult, but the reward is beautiful.”

-- Zackary A. Prince, Paralegal/Writer
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