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Radically improve performance, engagement and emotional intelligence

People dramatically underestimate the impact of mindset on their leadership, work and life. Unaware, they go through life on auto-pilot: repeating their same thoughts, moods and perceptions over and over, never getting the results they really want.


In the business world, we dare not speak of one’s inner mind, mood and emotions. Yet, this unseen interior world — mindset — is the greatest driver of deep change and engagement. Our exceptional, non-traditional leadership training transforms mindsets from unconscious liabilities into powerful assets for performance.


Simply put, MindMastery training rebuilds brains. It teaches people to think and respond more effectively to achieve different — and consistently better — results.

What we know is this: People want to be energized, empowered and capable. Organizations want engagement and productivity. All of us want to achieve our desired results and goals — yet we often feel stuck, exhausted or simply ineffective.

The mindsets of leaders and employees have remained an untapped source of tremendous personal and organizational power and change — until now.

"Conventional wisdom has led us to believe moods and feelings don't have a place in results-oriented professional development or organizations. JMA's MindMastery wokshop debunks this myth and teaches the keys to using thoughts, moods and behavior as a secret weapon for individual and team success.

As a result of the training, I am resilient in ways that I couldn’t imagine. I can more easily manage stress, respond to situations in ways that facilitate the outcomes I need, and maintain an optimal frame-of-mind that keeps me productive and stimulates my best thinking. And, with the tools and techniques I've learned, I am continually operating at a high-performance leadership level and I'm able to continuously grow my mastery.”
– Ryan Wynia, VP, Design and Product Science, higi


Capability and effectiveness are profoundly impacted — for better or worse! — by the direct neurophysiological link between a person’s thoughts, moods, perceptions, behaviors and results. MindMastery capitalizes on this link to create sustained, game-changing results.

MindMastery training is especially designed to produce immediate real-world results that last long after the workshop concludes. The workshop package includes:

  • Online pre-training assessment: Individualized, confidential feedback about derailing thought patterns, mood states and perspectives
  • Workshop: One-day intensive, immersive experience
  • Proprietary app: Immediate application of our strategies to create and sustain constructive thought and mood habits
  • Coaching: Two private follow-up sessions with our expert coaches to further support real-world application

Workshops are held at company worksites or our JMA Chicago north side office.

Innovative Approach

With MindMastery, people learn to consistently create new, desired outcomes by taking control of their thoughts and moods in each moment of immediate need. MindMastery accelerates this individual change in two ways:

  1. Awareness: MindMastery creates immediate individual awareness of one’s current mindset (almost always an unconscious liability)
  2. How-to: MindMastery teaches a targeted, simplified, practical approach for creating a powerfully different mindset (a consciously applied asset)

JMA’s cutting-edge approach is non-traditional by design, but not “New Age” or psychotherapy. Rather, it is:

  • Based on research in neurophysiology
  • Immediately effective
  • Measurable for individual assessment and results
  • Applicable to individuals, teams and organizations

Leaders and Teams

As leadership and team training, MindMastery creates dramatic performance improvement for organizations. As leaders powerfully self-transform from within, organizational and individual results include:

  • Higher productivity and engagement
  • Improved teamwork and relationships
  • Far greater energy levels
  • Sharper focus and clarity

MindMastery for Individuals

MindMastery is also available to individuals as a weekend workshop held in the JMA Chicago office — an often life-changing experience. MindMastery is the powerful catalyst for people to:

  • Quickly get out of being “stuck”
  • End the self-sabotage
  • Become their best, most effective self
  • Change the trajectory of their career and life

Contact us to learn how we can transform mindset into a powerful performance asset in your company, career or life.

Note: Formerly called Perceptual Lens Training, the MindMastery workshop features the same powerful assessment, content, app and follow-up support.


[JMA] empowered me with the tools and actionable steps that have enabled me to make positive changes in my life — I found the tools to be most beneficial because I liked having a concrete action plan, not just a vague idea of strategies. … Jody ‘brought me out of a fog.’ Now, I am thinking more clearly and intentionally. … I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone who is looking to increase self-awareness, fulfillment and happiness — both personally and professionally.”

-- Charlotte Johnson, Manager, IT
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