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Maura Koutoujian


My mission is to help my clients attain transformative change in their lives and careers in order to achieve greater success, fulfillment and well-being.

In my own life, I have experienced the powerful impact that the right career fit and a commitment to wellness can have. This has helped shape my coaching approach and has inspired me to empower others to do the same.

My guiding principle in coaching, life and art strongly aligns with Constantin Brancusi’s philosophy: “Simplicity is complexity resolved.”

To her coaching, Maura brings:

  • 19 years of entrepreneurial, branding and business experience
  • 30 years as a successful visual fine artist
  • Excellent questioning and active listening skills
  • An ability to elicit clarity and focus
  • Patience, empathy and intuition


Ms. Koutoujian believes that, because work accounts for such a great portion of your life, feeling fulfilled by that work profoundly impacts your quality of life. Discovering your best career fit allows you to experience less stress and a greater sense of purpose, direction, clarity and fulfillment.


Maura's coaching approach centers on thoughtful, transformational conversations that generate self-awareness, problem solving, motivation, self-efficacy and well-being. Transformational conversations take time, they take commitment, and they take trust. They also take courage — the courage to let go — to reveal your long-held beliefs, attitudes and perspectives, and to embrace powerful, sustainable change.


In order to achieve peak performance at work and at home, peak wellness is imperative. As a Health and Wellness Coach for individuals and groups, Ms. Koutoujian builds trusting relationships where kindness and compassion are the foundation.

Using a strengths-based approach, she helps you explore what wellness means to you and co-create strategies for attaining your goals, which might relate to weight loss/management, self-esteem, diet, stress, sleep and energy. 

Together, you will focus on six main areas that contribute to wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental and spiritual. Vital to this process is the understanding that by treating yourself with kindness and compassion while in pursuit of your goals, you can remain present and mindful, allowing you to take healthy action, even in difficult situations.


Ms. Koutoujian began her career as a professional photographer. After several years of shooting catalogs and advertisements for major retailers, she was driven to pursue greater opportunities for creativity. She began painting and eventually found the creative outlet she was seeking in printmaking, now her primary mode of minimalist visual expression. Her work has been represented by multiple galleries, has appeared in premier interior design publications and has been sought out by collectors.  

She later transitioned to a career as an entrepreneur. As owner of Henry Moss Ltd., she founded, created and developed a unique retail concept for a high-end general store and gourmet food market. There, she managed all areas of retail operations, from product development and purchasing to customer service and marketing; transitioned a brick-and-mortar store to an online presence; and self-directed original website design and photography. Her experiences as an entrepreneur were featured in the book “A Shop of One’s Own: Women Who Turned the Dream Into Reality.”

Maura also served as Director of Operations for Treacy Marketing Group where she led all aspects of business operations, including HR, legal and accounting.

As a coach, she was selected by Jody Michael, founder and CEO of Jody Michael Associates, from a competitive pool of applicants and has been an integral part of the JMA team since 2011.

As president of the Lakeview chapter of Toastmasters International, she helps others build confidence and hone their communication and leadership skills.


Ms. Koutoujian holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her coaching distinctions include JMA Career Coach Certification, Health and Wellness Coaching Certification through Wellcoaches School of Coaching, and a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell (a subsidiary of Cornell University).

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[Jody Michael Associates] leads you to achieve what you believed was impossible. This process can be difficult, but the reward is beautiful.”

-- Zackary A. Prince, Paralegal/Writer
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