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Jody Michael

I started my career as a teacher and eventually made my way into the financial industry as a trader and executive. But the most fulfilling role I have ever held is that of a coach. After over 20 years of coaching, I’m still passionate about what I do. In part, because there is nothing more rewarding that seeing our clients transform their lives and careers to achieve their greatest goals.

I invite you to read more about my professional and personal experience to gain a better sense of my background and beliefs.

More About Jody

When and where are you happiest?

Anytime I am engaging in a dynamic conversation, creating something visually beautiful or deeply immersing myself in a book. We can take it up another notch if I am doing any of these while in Wailea, Hawaii!

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Fernando Flores (one of the grandfathers of ontological coaching), who, at an early age, shaped how I think, how I speak, and how I see myself and the world. 

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To change what you get, you must change who you are."

-- Vernon Howard
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