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High School Career Coaching

Do you want to help your child find a fulfilling career that they love?

The last years of high school can be a stressful time in your child’s life. They have a world of options before them, but they are likely struggling with how to choose the career, college and major that is right for them.

Our comprehensive, individualized high school career coaching process gives your child an edge early in life by focusing on their talents, interests and values to help them identify their best career fit. Make an investment in your child’s future success and happiness through career coaching and avoid the expense of a wrong career choice and the anxiety that follows. 

Our Career Discovery Approach

To begin our work together, we meet with you to discuss your child’s unique talents, interests and background. Then, we gather crucial information from you and your student through detailed questionnaires that allow us to better understand their key career factors and best focus our work.

Next, we meet one-on-one with your child during a series of up to 20 in-depth sessions to guide them through our career discovery process, developed and delivered exclusively by our career experts. In-session exercises, weekly take-home assignments and unlimited access to our Career Research Library (at our Chicago north side office) help your child explore and gain clarity around all of the factors that contribute to their best career alignment.

In addition, our high school career coaching process includes best-in-class aptitude testing and a 90-minute debrief to identify your child’s natural aptitudes and talents, including those that may not show up in the traditional classroom. We use an assessment with the highest reliability of any such testing to date, providing a 30+ page report pointing to strong possible career matches.

Using this wealth of information, your coach will conduct a thorough analysis of your student’s career choices and help them identify their best career fit(s).  

“My son is entering his senior year of high school, and is feeling the pressure of what to do with his life post-high school. The school guidance counselors did not seem to offer him much direction, so we looked for an outside source of guidance. Jody Michael Associates outlived our expectations. 

The process involved much more than asking his likes and interests. Meetings, career research, and much inner reflection were all part of the process. 

Upon completing this process, he has discovered an area of study which he is well suited for, will be enjoyable for him, and will ultimately provide him with the lifestyle he would someday like to live. This is an area that he had never considered, and never would have considered, had it not been for his discussions with JMA. ... This experience has been life-altering for my son."

– Sherry Pooley, Mother of high school career coaching client

Is High School Career Coaching Right for Your Child?

Our high school career coaches have helped students just like your child:

  • Discover fulfilling, successful careers that they love
  • Choose the right college, major, classes and internships to best prepare them for their ideal career
  • Develop a strategic plan to guide them through their high school and college years and achieve their career goals
  • Drastically improve their interviewing skills to attain their ideal internships and job
  • Craft professional, well-written resumes to earn the attention of potential employers
  • Significantly reduce their anxiety and confusion about their future career

Contact us to learn more about how our high school career coaches can help your child discover a career that they love.

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