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Whether you are a seasoned executive or transitioning to your new role, you want smart, targeted support that quickly expands your capabilities.

For more than 20 years, Jody Michael Associates has been pushing beyond the conventional standards of executive coaching to incorporate human behavior, neuroscience and psychology. The result: Deeper, systemic change that can profoundly transform a leader’s perspective, performance and bottom-line results.

We’ve coached executives, high potentials and leadership teams from Fortune 10 companies to small businesses. We can help you or your leaders: 

  • Improve leadership skills and performance to increase impact and influence
  • Successfully transition to a new company or role
  • Enhance the execution capacity and interactions of a team
  • Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Foster a greater commitment to accountability in order to help achieve results more quickly and communicate more effectively
  • Address derailing behavior that stands in the way of advancement
PlayMichael W., Senior VP of Public Relations, Executive Coaching


Time and time again, we have helped organizations transform the leadership capacity of individual performers and teams. How? Through our:

  • Unparalleled senior-level corporate experience
  • In-depth coaching education and training
  • 20+ years of executive coaching experience at a wide range of organizations including Abbott, BP, Northwestern University and PayPal
  • Personal entrepreneurial experience and 20+ years of entrepreneurial coaching
  • Commitment to delving beneath the surface, where transformational change occurs

Very few executive coaches possess this degree of well-rounded experience and insight.


Our executive coaching team is led by founder and CEO Jody Michael. Ms. Michael’s experience and credentials include:

  • 15 years of corporate leadership in the finance industry, working for Goldman Sachs, Chicago Research and Trading (CRT)/NationsBank and Kidder Peabody
  • Leadership of more than 110 employees on three Chicago trading floors and a key role in the leadership, management, growth and cultural acclimation of the floor operations for both Chicago and New York Government Securities operations
  • Board Certified Coach and Master Certified Coach (a distinction held by fewer than 3% of coaches in North America)
  • More than 20 years of individual and organizational coaching
  • Psychotherapy and teaching credentials, as well as a Ph.D. scholarship from and advanced study at the University of Chicago
  • Featured appearances on MSNBC Primetime, CNN, NBC's “Today Show" and NPR

Martha G., VP for Artistic Planning and Audience Development, Executive and Organizational Coaching


Betsy T., Executive Recruiter, Executive and Entrepreneurial Coaching


Frank P., VP of Research & Development, Corporate Sustainability Officer, Executive Coaching


Betsy P., Partner, Lawyer, Executive Coaching


Chuck M., VP of Business Development, Executive Coaching


Tracy H., Senior Marketing Manager, Executive Coaching



We are here to both support and challenge leaders in reaching new levels of performance and satisfaction. Our executive leadership coaching process includes:

  • Pre-coaching qualitative and quantitative 360° phone or on-site interviews, ideally involving the leader’s supervisor, peers and direct reports to set a baseline for performance
  •  Post-coaching qualitative and quantitative 360° phone or on-site interviews with the same stakeholders to measure performance improvement
  • A half-day initial assessment to deeply understand the executive’s personal and professional history and current environment
  • A cultural interview with HR, coupled with review of pertinent internal 360° reviews, to conduct a gap analysis
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to target the leader’s individual perceptual, developmental and leadership needs
  • An online perceptual lens assessment and debriefing
  • Participation in two full-day workshops: Accountability Mirror™ and MindMastery
  • Communication styles assessment and debrief

Corporate executive coaching engagements are generally contracted in six-month intervals. Sessions are offered in person, on the phone or as a combination of both. They are available on-site at your corporation, at either of our two Chicago locations, or at our Atlanta office.

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In this free white paper, you will learn:

  • The top mistakes to avoid when hiring executive coaches
  • The most important questions to ask when interviewing coaches
  • What an effective executive coaching engagement looks like
  • How to create the right executive coaching strategy for your company
  • The best metrics to use in evaluating the success and ROI of coaching

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Accountability Mirror Workshop

Achieve greater results through more effective conversations, coupled with high-performance execution. Our Accountability Mirror workshop teaches individuals, teams and leaders a metric-based language framework, tools and strategies to immediately reach a measurably higher level of performance.

MindMastery Workshop

Capability and effectiveness are profoundly impacted — for better or worse! — by the direct neurophysiological link between a person’s thoughts, moods, perceptions, behaviors and results. This unseen interior world  mindset  is the greatest driver of deep change and engagement. Our exceptional, non-traditional MindMastery workshop transforms mindsets from unconscious liabilities into powerful assets for performance

Expert, In-Depth Content

Our executive coaches regularly share their insights and top strategies in our Executive Catalyst newsletter and leadership blog, designed to help you increase your leadership capacity through greater mindfulness, emotional intelligence, work-life balance and more.   

  • “We are very frugal when it comes to spending money and want to make sure we get value. So, it speaks volumes that our company has used Jody Michael as our business consultant, executive coach, leadership development trainer and corporate culture shaper for over five years. She challenges us, shapes our leadership capabilities, offers invaluable guidance, and ‘just in time’ learning that continually pays dividends.” – Aaron Gitler, CEO, and Neena Vlamis, President, A and N Mortgage
  •  “My coaching work with Nancy was the most impactful professional development experience of my career. What I could not have imagined at the onset of our work was the phenomenally positive effect it would have on my personal life. I was better able to deal with change; whether acting as a change agent, observing change in others, reacting to it with less stress or negotiating it with others to more productive ends. With Nancy’s warm, strong presence and intuition I knew I was in capable hands. She loves what she does and it is expressed in her work.” – Nicole Turner, Senior Executive
  •  “We were a team that did not execute well. We were unable to deliver on time, got weighed down in ‘to-do’s’ and created a state of overwhelm. After our work with JMA, we learned how to have fewer and shorter meetings … how to be accountable and … to be comfortable having difficult conversations. We learned to think, process and speak differently. We’ve performed at a level that was not only new to us but unimaginable just a few weeks earlier.” – Steve Gannon, Project Leader, Information Technology
  • “Jody brings an amazing combination of intellect, insight, empathy, corporate savvy, objectivity and philosophy to the table. So she is able to not only help people identify their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, but also provides tools for them to achieve the next level. And all this with a view to sustainable, real change.” – Betsy Purdue, Partner, Lawyer
  •  “Our work together has been extremely rewarding on multiple fronts and the results have completely exceeded my expectations. Jody is an experienced coach with all appropriate certifications and tools, but I think what I found to be most useful is her vast array of corporate and leadership experience from which she can draw.” – Mary Shea, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

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One day I realized that I was thinking differently, seeing differently, acting differently and perceiving differently. My biggest returns were: (1) a shift away from managerial thinking to leadership thinking and (2) confirmation from others that my performance had changed significantly. On a recent 360° review, I was rated ‘exceeds expectations’ in multiple categories. That level of evaluation was new for me. My performance has reached new levels.”

-- Linda M., Senior Associate, Consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies
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