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College Career Coaching

College can be an overwhelming time in a student’s life. While making myriad choices that will impact their future, many are still unsure of their professional goals. As a parent, you know that this is their journey — and yet, it can be hard to see them struggle with these important decisions. 

We’re here to help your child navigate the overwhelming maze of possibilities and discover the career that's right for them. Invest the time and energy now and spare your student future anxiety and expense by choosing the right career from the start.

Our College Career Coaching Approach

For over 20 years, we have been guiding clients through our comprehensive, individualized, proprietary career discovery process. We help your student identify their innate talents, values, interests and core drivers in order to determine their best career fit. Armed with this information, they can then choose the right major, classes and internships to prepare for a fulfilling, successful career. 

Our college career coaching process includes:

  • Up to 20 in-depth, one-on-one coaching sessions to guide your student through our career discovery process, developed and delivered exclusively by our certified career coaches
  • An initial parent interview to discuss your student's unique talents, interests and background
  • Comprehensive questionnaires for you and your student to complete to help us gather additional crucial information
  • Best-in-class aptitude testing to identify your student's natural aptitudes and talents
  • A 90-minute debrief of test results to discuss strong possible career matches
  • In-session exercises and weekly take-home assignments to help your student explore and gain clarity around the factors that contribute to their best career alignment
  • Unlimited access to the JMA Career Research Library (at the Chicago north side office, by appointment)
  • In-depth analysis of your student's career choices
  • Identification of your student's best career fit(s)

“Our son, who was going into his senior [year] at college, came to the realization that the path he was on was not one that he wanted to pursue.  

… Maura was wonderful — she really worked well with him, and helped him through some very challenging process steps. … Our son found a career path that he was excited about, and has shifted his major and coursework accordingly. JMA has an outstanding program.” 
Kevin Thomsen, Father of college career coaching client

how can College Career Coaching help my student?

Through our college career coaching services, we can help your student:

  • Find the right career fit that excites and inspires them
  • Create a strategic career road map to guide them through their college years and reach their post-college career goals
  • Significantly strengthen their interviewing skills to land their ideal internships and job
  • Develop a professional, well-written resume to stand out among the competition
  • Drastically decrease their career-related anxiety and confusion

Graduate School

Are you or your student considering graduate school, but unsure if it’s the best next step — or how to best approach it?

We have helped many clients make this difficult but potentially life-changing decision. Our certified career coaches can help you or your student:

  • Determine which graduate schools and programs are most aligned with your (their) career goals
  • Learn how to effectively respond to common application questions and compose compelling essays that increase your (their) chances of acceptance
  • Prepare for graduate school interviews to make a lasting impression and stand out above the other applicants
  • Gain acceptance into some of the most prestigious graduate programs in the country, including University of Chicago and Northwestern University

Contact us to learn more about how our college career coaching services can help your student discover and pursue their best career path.

Read more about our clients' college career coaching success stories.


When I first met with Jody, … I was a 28-year-old college dropout just going through the motions. I was in an unmotivated rut with no way out in sight. Our process … wasn’t just fill-in-the-blank forms or likes and dislikes. Most of our time together was Jody just really getting to know who I was. … She turned this introvert inside out and used everything I gave her to help me find my way.

Now, nearly a year later, I'm back in school, I recently received a promotion, and I'm well on my way to the next phase of my life. To anyone that is stuck in the mindset that I was (woe is me, why bother, nobody can help, etc.), Jody was my guardian angel. … I feel as though I've only scratched the surface of my full potential and our work together has completely changed my outlook on life.”

-- Dave Fatkin, College Student
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