Client Stories

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Trader Coaching Stories

Client Stories

Through our trader coaching services, our clients have:

  • Successfully transitioned from trading on the floor to electronic trading
  • Profitably made the shift from trading with a company to trading on their own
  • Left their current careers for ones that they found more challenging and interesting

Client Testimonials

“I read all the psychological trading books. It was frustrating. I couldn’t put into practice what the books were telling me to do. That’s what prompted me to get coaching. Having someone I can meet with, and be accountable to for the things I am working on, has made a noticeable difference. Each week I work on very specific things. Observe, adjust, execute. Our sessions are used as a critical review. Very, very valuable stuff.”
– Kevin D., Independent Nasdaq/E-Mini Trader

“Jody saved me money, unnecessary pain, frustration, and sleepless nights. … Jody was the stimulus that ignited within me a focused direction, intentionality and a deep sense of peace that I had never experienced before in my life or my work. … The main [outcome] of our work was successfully overcoming my core trading issue: scattered, emotion-based, inconsistent trading.”
– Alex J., 8-year Index Trader

“Results. That’s why I showed up in [Jody’s] office and that’s what she delivered. I can think of three things that … [took] my trading to the next level:
1. I am more aware. … Being aware of myself, my quirks and my thinking has made all the difference in the world. 
2. I have virtually eliminated negative patterns that have existed since I started trading. They are: overtrading and undisciplined, sloppy thinking.
3. I have tools that help me every day. They keep me accountable and maintain my good habits.” 
– Jeff M., Electronic S&P Trader

“Our work together led me to personal decisions I once lacked the courage to make on my own. I am much happier as a result and look forward to a fulfilling career helping others. Jody allowed me to view myself in a different light.”
– Guy Caprio, Psychotherapist, Loyola University (Former Floor/Upstairs Trader)

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Take care of your losses and the profits will take care of themselves."

-- Amos B. Hostetter
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