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Life Coaching Stories

Client Stories

Through our life coaching services, our clients have: 

  • Dramatically shifted from feeling lost and directionless to creating the life they longed for
  • Successfully braved the turbulence of divorce to provide as peaceful a transition as possible for their children while caring for their own needs and starting a new life
  • Consciously developed a more active, self-aware, fulfilling approach to life
  • Refocused their goals, rediscovered their interests and revitalized their relationship after retirement  
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Client Testimonials

“Awakening, transforming, life altering, surrendering who you thought you were for what you can and will become … these are just some thoughts that come to mind after working with Jody Michael. Jody is an amazing coach. Remain open and trust the process; she will help you powerfully change the trajectory of your life.”
– Kelee Williams, Director, Sales

“I thought I was seeing [Jody] to help me launch a business. It turned out to be so much more. She saw that patterns in my day-to-day life were obstacles to my success, and she had me address those first. It was both difficult and exciting. My family saw a difference immediately. Everyone benefitted. I work harder than I ever have before, but my life is more balanced. My business is growing, my children are thriving, and I have a satisfying personal life.”
– Debby Spertus, Owner, Signature Mural & Finish, Inc.

“I went from being a completely disorganized, overwhelmed art school dropout, to a dean’s list medical student. Jody Michael is one of the most powerful agents of change I have ever met. I feel confident you too will feel the same.”
– Elon Cameron, Licensed Acupuncturist

“Jody Michael … has helped change my life. She has provided amazing guidance and unwavering support to help me accomplish my goals. She's solid, committed to her work, and always gives 300 percent. I am often amazed by her motivation, drive and dedication.”
– Sharon Crawford-Tucker, Office Manager

“Thanks to my work with Jody, I have changed the course of my life. From afar, everything may look the same, but up close, the changes are titanic. I am extraordinarily grateful for her intelligence, wisdom, patience and passion.”
– Jodi Eisenstadt, Principal, Eisen Alliance

“I have made many important adjustments in my life. My business is stronger than it’s ever been. I ended a destructive relationship and began a new, fulfilling one as well. I find that I communicate my needs better and feel as though my word holds great meaning. I strongly believe that my time with Jody Michael was invaluable and one of the best choices I have ever made.”
– Jamie Damato Migdal, CEO and Founder, FetchFind

“Call it fate, destiny or the hand of God that led me to Jody but it will go down as one of those life-defining moments. Unlike most, Jody broke me down layer by layer, listened, and was able to point out qualities of me long forgotten. She provides reason and logic to an otherwise chaotic world.”
– Jim Ristow, Marketing Manager, Harman International and Founder of The Fitness Buddy

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The past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future."

-- Marilyn Ferguson
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