Client Stories

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Executive Coaching Stories

Client Stories

Through our executive coaching services, our clients have: 

  • Significantly improved their performance and bottom-line organizational results to attain executive positions they had coveted for years
  • Challenged their beliefs, assumptions, perspectives and attitudes to identify their own gaps, gain greater emotional intelligence, and transform their leadership skills
  • Achieved better work-life balance

Client Testimonials

Executive coaching: 

“Up front, Jody focused on getting to know the professional environment in which I am immersed daily, as well as me personally. We then engaged in a coaching process that was transformational. Remarkable results, personal satisfaction, and a sense of harmony followed in an effortless manner.”
– Frank Pacholec, VP of Research & Development, Corporate Sustainability Officer, Stepan Company

“Our work together has been extremely rewarding on multiple fronts and the results have completely exceeded my expectations. Jody is an experienced coach with all appropriate certifications and tools, but I think what I found to be most useful is her vast array of corporate and leadership experience from which she can draw.”
– Mary Shea, Chief Commercial Officer, InContext Solutions

“One day I realized that I was thinking differently, seeing differently, acting differently and perceiving differently. My biggest returns were: (1) a shift away from managerial thinking to leadership thinking and (2) confirmation from others that my performance had changed significantly. On a recent 360° review, I was rated ‘exceeds expectations’ in multiple categories. That level of evaluation was new for me. My performance has reached new levels.”
– Linda M., Senior Associate, Consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies

“I have found that the professional, personal and financial payoff for hiring an executive coach can be tremendous. I went from floundering and confused in my career, not knowing what I wanted to do professionally, to choosing a career, excelling in that career, starting my own business, and being offered the position of Chief Technology Officer. This happened in four short years. None of this would have been possible without career and executive coaching from Jody Michael. The work changed my life.”
– Dustin Anderson, Senior Engineering Manager, Groupon 

“Jody brings an amazing combination of intellect, insight, empathy, corporate savvy, objectivity and philosophy to the table. So she is able not only to help people identify their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, but also provides tools for them to achieve the next level. And all this with a view to sustainable, real change.”
– Betsy Purdue, Partner, Lawyer 

“We are very frugal when it comes to spending money and want to make sure we get value. So, it speaks volumes that our company has used Jody Michael as our business consultant, executive coach, leadership development trainer and corporate culture shaper for over five years. She challenges us, shapes our leadership capabilities, offers invaluable guidance, and ‘just in time’ learning that continually pays dividends.”
– Aaron Gitler, CEO, and Neena Vlamis, President, A and N Mortgage

“We were a team that did not execute well. We were unable to deliver on time, got weighed down in ‘to-do’s’ and created a state of overwhelm. We learned how to have fewer and shorter meetings … how to be accountable and … to be comfortable having difficult conversations. After our work with Jody Michael Associates, we learned to think, process and speak differently. We’ve performed at a level that was not only new to us but unimaginable just a few weeks earlier.”
– Steve Gannon, Project Leader, Information Technology

“I interviewed many people before choosing to work with Jody Michael. Her own personal style is direct and constructive, and her toolset is unique and comprehensive. This combination makes her a great choice for someone who wants to reshape their role in their existing position or to reimagine their future.”
– Martha Gilmer, VP for Artistic Planning and Audience Development, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“Jody was skilled at helping me identify business solutions that helped my global organization and my own work’s focus. This, combined with the time to reflect on personal priorities and hopes for the future, made my time with Jody extremely valuable.”
– Beth Houle, Chief of Staff, Opportunity International

“Our work has been an eye-opening experience. And it has made a huge difference in my approach and therefore success at work and within life overall.”
– Heather Collins, Director of Marketing, Sara Lee Corporation 

“Jody Michael … helped us to identify the areas where [our team] could improve our communication and how to manage those conversations to gain positive outcomes. We have learned to communicate better with each other, as well as with external stakeholders and clients. Working with Jody Michael Associates ultimately helped us to individually and collectively bring our team’s performance to a much higher level.”
– Tom Rowan, Senior Software Engineer, FT Options 

“Jody has an exceptional ability to produce results for her clients by helping them focus their attention on the most important issues of any given situation. The benefits that I have derived from our working relationship are immeasurable and I would recommend her without hesitation.”
– Michael Izhaky, CEO & Founder, FT Options

Entrepreneurial coaching:

“Jody brings a fresh perspective to the workings of my business and, in particular, my effectiveness as a leader. She asks the tough questions and enables me to make an honest assessment of my strengths and weaknesses. Her focus on pragmatic, results-oriented coaching has enabled me to take my business to the next level.”
– Steve Dillinger, Partner, Cornerstone Trading

“I never would have considered something as ‘outside the box’ as starting my own business, but after going through the career discovery process at Jody Michael Associates, I ended up not only considering it, I actually did it. I now run my own company and finally have the fulfillment and flexibility that I lacked before.”
– Kathleen W., Entrepreneur

“Jody Michael helped me get back in touch with my true passions and ambitions. After spending 16 turbulent years at the VP level in several Fortune 500 companies, I thought I had all the answers. Nevertheless, I decided to use Jody as my Executive Coach to ‘keep me honest’ during my next job search. ... Today, I’m much happier, healthier and professionally fulfilled because Jody helped me listen to what my inner self has been telling me for a long time.”
– Mike M., Small Business Owner, Former Fortune 500 VP

Executive Coaching Compilation

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