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Career Coaching Stories

Client Stories 

Through our career coaching services, our clients have: 

  • Achieved greater success at their current company through fast-tracked promotions, higher levels of performance, and more effective communication with their coworkers and leaders
    John | Olivia
  • Escaped their current careers to pursue ones that better aligned with their talents, values and passions and brought them greater meaning and fulfillment
    Rebecca | Barbara | David | Connor
  • Tremendously improved their interviewing skills to land the job of their dreams

Dustin A., Senior Engineering Manager, Career Discovery Coaching

Client Testimonials

Professional career coaching:

“[Jody Michael Associates] leads you to achieve what you believed was impossible. This process can be difficult, but the reward is beautiful.”
– Zackary A. Prince, Paralegal/Writer

“[Jody’s] impact on my career has been profound. I was at a crossroads and unsure of what to do next and she gave me the tools and guidance to determine my course and make good decisions at every step along the way. I use the skills that I have learned every single day.”
– Chuck Mackie, VP of Business Development, Maven Wave Partners

“Jody’s experience, insight and intelligence helped me refocus and redirect my career. I now own my own business and absolutely love it! I could not have done this without her.”
– Suzanne Donovan, Owner, Donovan & Associates

“Jody is smart, experienced, warm, and brings wonderful energy to each session. She helped me realize that I was stuck in my old job and has held my hand through the process of finding the right fit in the next one, celebrating my successes with me, helping me to avoid pitfalls, coaching me in negotiation skills, and cheerleading all the way.”
– Susy Cheston, Senior Vice President, Policy

“I was asked to interview for a marketing position. … In my next meeting with Jody, she suggested we do a ‘mock interview’ since I had very little interviewing experience. ... The real interview was four days after my mock interview with Jody, and the difference between the two was monumental! Not only did I act and feel confident in my responses (a victory in itself!), I was offered the job on the spot.”
– Paige Reynolds, Professional Water Ski Champion, Ripon College Admissions Counselor

“[Jody] has really helped me … tackle issues such as efficiency, accountability, focus, problem solving in specific work situations, career goal optimization and general well-being tips and tricks for living your life every day in a better way. I am now much more productive at work as a result!”
– Kelly Rice, BP Trade Analyst

“After working with Jody, I realized that I wanted to … switch from being a consultant to working in ministry. It has been a great move! … She has a pragmatic approach that really helped a gear-spinner like me to stop spinning and proactively move forward. … Coaching has gotten very trendy and there are lots of people hanging a shingle that may not be that strong. But Jody’s the real deal.”
– Katie B., Minister

Todd M., Winemaker, Career Discovery and Entrepreneurial Coaching  

College and high school career coaching:

“I was stuck in a program that made me more miserable by the day, and didn't know how to get out of my rut either professionally or mentally. Jody has helped me with both. I'm progressing in a totally new direction career-wise, and I'm working to rewire my head so that I can achieve the success I want.”
– Derek Davison, Ph.D. student

“When I first met with Jody, … I was a 28-year-old college dropout just going through the motions. I was in an unmotivated rut with no way out in sight. Our process … wasn't just fill-in-the-blank forms or likes and dislikes. Most of our time together was Jody just really getting to know who I was. … She turned this introvert inside out and used everything I gave her to help me find my way.

Now, nearly a year later, I'm back in school, I recently received a promotion, and I'm well on my way to the next phase of my life. To anyone that is stuck in the mindset that I was (woe is me, why bother, nobody can help, etc.), Jody was my guardian angel. … I feel as though I've only scratched the surface of my full potential and our work together has completely changed my outlook on life.”
– Dave Fatkin, College Student

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-- Milton Berle
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