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Our complimentary monthly Catalyst newsletters are a resource designed to inspire your personal and professional growth. Each issue features ways to better manage your career, your relationships and your life. In order to keep them as relevant and valuable as possible, we never include advertisements – just useful insights and ideas to help you make powerful changes in your own life.

We have created three editions of the Catalyst newsletter, each written for a specific audience:

  • Executive Catalyst newsletter: For executives, managers and leaders looking to enhance their leadership skills, performance and bottom-line results
  • Career Catalyst newsletter: For career professionals looking to achieve greater growth, fulfillment and success in their professional lives
  • Life Catalyst newsletter: For those looking to create a more satisfying, authentic life through personal growth, healthier relationships, less stress and worry, and a greater sense of purpose and direction

We invite you to explore past issues below and to sign up to receive our latest insights and ideas.

Executive Catalyst

Build Resilience
Don't Hold Yourself Back
Fix Challenged Teams
Rid Yourself of Monkeys

Career Catalyst

Big Changes Require Bold Moves
Cut the Commute: Work From Home
Job Burnout: Can it be a Gift?
Job Search Strategies
The Next Decade's Hottest Jobs
Informational Interviewing

Life Catalyst

Do You Live To Work Or Work To Live?
Effective Listening
There's Never Enough Time


[Jody Michael Associates] leads you to achieve what you believed was impossible. This process can be difficult, but the reward is beautiful.”

-- Zackary A. Prince, Paralegal/Writer
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