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Accountability Mirror™

The success of a company is determined in large part by how well it delivers on its promises. Key to keeping those promises is the company’s commitment to accountability.

Most attempts to promote accountability within an organization focus exclusively on external behavior and results. However, to achieve true accountability, it is essential to begin by practicing it internally. In fact, 90% of an individual’s performance is actually driven by his or her thoughts and moods. Nearly all accountability training fails to address this fundamental concept.

Accountability Mirror Workshop

Accountability Mirror is an intensive, interactive, one-day workshop presented by our organizational coaching experts, each with extensive, successful corporate experience. It teaches individuals, teams and leaders a metric-based language framework, tools and strategies to immediately reach a higher level of performance.

Improvement areas targeted are execution, engagement, teamwork and effective performance communication. When the accountability workshop principles are embraced and put into everyday practice, they have the power to dramatically transform the culture of an entire organization.

Accountability Mirror Compilation

Delivering Results

By using the accountability training framework presented in this workshop, leaders and their teams will be able to:

  • Achieve results faster
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Improve performance
  • Measure performance and results
  • Sustain long-term change
  • Create a culture of trust and accountability

Further, the accountability workshop will directly impact each of the following areas:

  • Employee coordination, collaboration and engagement
  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Project management
  • Team building
  • Management skills

"I’m a skeptic when it comes to workshops actually delivering what they promise to deliver and I’m reluctant to shell out money for something that I believe will not produce lasting results for me or for my company.

So, you can imagine my delight when Jody Michael Associates’ workshop, Accountability Mirror, not only delivered; it over-delivered. If you want a workshop that teaches accountability through language, gives you a simple format to implement it and is a powerful tool for delivering organizational results while building strong corporate culture, this is it!

Without reservation, I would highly recommend both the Accountability Mirror workshop and Jody Michael Associates’ commendable commitment to this workshop living long after the presentation is over.”
– Michael Izhaky, CEO & Founder, FT Options

Support Beyond the Workshop

We want to see you and your team succeed. That’s why, in addition to the one-day accountability training, we include:

  • A hardcover workbook for each attendee
  • Supplementary assignments to help ensure real-life application of the framework
  • An individualized, targeted follow-up phone coaching session for each attendee
  • A one-hour follow-up consultation with the leader to facilitate integration of the framework

The accountability training is most effective when all team members attend together, including the leader and all individuals closely interfacing with the team. If an entire organization participates, a discounted price is available. Workshops can be individualized to meet organizational needs and facilitate outcome objectives.

Contact us to put accountability to work at your company and to start achieving sustainable results.


I just want to tell you how helpful the accountability workshop has been for me. A couple of weeks ago, I had a very close friend point out an area that I was really struggling with in my personal and professional life. During the workshop, I decided to choose this as a goal for my personal development. I truly feel that the combination of the matrix, new tools and your effective coaching has equipped me to achieve my goal.” 

-- Kim Galvan, Manager, Illinois Student Assistance Commission
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