A Day In The Life

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A Day in the Life

What do you do? It’s a question we often ask and often answer, but why?

In the ongoing quest to figure out what we want to do with our careers, we look at how other people spend their days. We wonder what kind of training they needed to get to where they are. We wonder how much money they make. We wonder if they are happy.

Maybe, in the back of your mind, you have always wanted to trade your cubicle for a music studio. Maybe you have an inkling that what you really want to be is a fashion designer, an entrepreneur or a freelance writer.

An Honest, In-Depth Look

Each interview in this ongoing series of personal profiles starts with a simple question: What do you do? From that jumping-off point, career stories unfold and you get true insight into the good, the surprising and the difficult in a wide variety of careers.

We asked people in the following careers: What do you do?

Art director - film
Fashion designer
Fisheries biologist
Freelance graphic designer
Freelance writer
International account manager
Jewelry designer
Nonprofit founder
Skincare entrepreneur
Waste management consultant


[Jody Michael Associates] leads you to achieve what you believed was impossible. This process can be difficult, but the reward is beautiful.”

-- Zackary A. Prince, Paralegal/Writer
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